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COVID-19 resources for Cornerstone Software customers

We understand that coronavirus (COVID-19) continues to be top of mind for you and your clients. While the situation is highly dynamic, the IDEXX Cornerstone team is committed to supporting your practice through this period of uncertainty.

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IDEXX Neo: What's New

New feature: One receipt for multiple invoices, and the best of VetConnect PLUS is built into Neo (January 2020)

Now when a client pays for multiple pets, all those transactions can go on a single receipt. Ditto for when a client pays multiple invoices for the same pet. Click the link for easy-to-follow instructions on selecting our new invoice form as your default.

And to save time and help you provide more personalized care, we’ve put even more of the power of VetConnect PLUS right inside Neo. Neo is the first practice management software with an interface that’s identical to the VetConnect PLUS online portal! You can trend and share results, send client friendly summaries, open diagnostic images—and more—without ever leaving Neo.

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Water Testing Solutions

Journal AWWA Cover Story

Have you seen the cover of the most recent Journal AWWA? The February 2020 cover story article, “Managing Legionella pneumophila in Water Systems,”  was written by Mark LeChevallier, PhD, principal of Dr. Water Consulting LLC (, and outlines how utilities can remain in compliance with existing regulations and take additional steps to protect their communities from the risk of Legionnaires’ disease. 

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